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Prepare for Your Life of Wonder: PLOW!

I take the back roads to work each morning because I lack willpower. As soon as I catch a whiff of coffee or freshly baked biscuits or pastries, I pull over to buy something that I shouldn't. So I have created a routine that helps me avoid the things that cause me to struggle with my budget and yoyoing waistline. But I digress.

While taking the back road to work one morning, I noticed a gentleman riding on his tractor, breaking up the land beneath it. I typically wouldn't take notice of this, as you see this type of thing all the time when you live in rural Georgia. But this moment just hit differently. It was profound. He was plowing his land. PLOW! That's it.

Prepare for Your Life of Wonder – PLOW!

Alright. Maybe I got a little too excited. I'll admit that. But this is the point: You have to prepare the field before you can sow the seed. Hence, PLOW!

How many of us get this backward? I'll admit that I have. There have been many occasions where I've sown seed on unfertile soil that either resulted in my conceding to defeat or wasting precious time and monetary resources to sow more seed. The issue wasn't the seed. It was the soil!

It's easy to sow seeds of good intentions. But those seeds don't take root unless you've taken the necessary, often tedious, measures of preparing the land first. Preparing the ground is where the money resides, where the money resides - LOL!

Deciding to prepare the land (your heart, mind, body, spirit, attitude, etc.) is invaluable to achieving and sustaining your financial aspirations. Doing so assures that you will reap a harvest far more significant than if you would have just sown seeds (money) at a dry, cracked, and crumbling vision.

There is one caveat, however. Despite what anyone tells you, preparing the land isn't celebrated in our culture. Most people don't want to till the land. They'd instead sow seeds because it's quick and straightforward. They become so enamored with a bit of harvest that they can't perceive the magnitude of what they could have had with a little more effort. The realization of true abundance doesn't happen overnight despite what the social media influencers tell you. Preparing the land, my friend, will take time. And there will be times when you will grow tired of doing the groundwork. But this is the process. Its fruit produces personal healing and growth, mending families, building up communities, developing financial stability, and transforming one's generational legacy.

Think about it: Is "it" really sacrifice when you are promised a bountiful harvest in the end? In fact, once you've seen the process come full circle, you PLOW because you begin to see how the extra work you put in doesn't compare to the amount of fruit you can yield. Fruit that not only sustains you but produces additional seeds for which you can sow to produce an even larger harvest.

As you ease into the reality that you may not reach the end of your financial wellness journey overnight. Try to find comfort in knowing that plowing is the real stunt. It's always been the foundation of abundance in every domain of life. Instead of sowing seeds in this season, it might be time to PLOW.

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