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"WE," not "I"

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The word "Wealth" starts with "We," not "I."

Now, I am going to say something that might break the internet. It's not your responsibility to create the WEalth that your entire family has yet to amass. Think about it. Where, in the real world, is WEalth created in isolation (I'll wait)?

You may feel compelled to use Oprah, Elon Musk, Sara Blakely, or Jay Z as examples. Major news alert: These extraordinary people work with teams of individuals that run the day-to-day operations of the businesses that contribute to their WEalth positions.

Oprah hires visionaries and creatives to produce shows for the OWN network. Elon Musk recruits the most brilliant engineers and mathematicians worldwide to create the technology behind Tesla and SpaceX. Sara Blakely, awhile back, recognized the contributions of her team by giving everyone a $10,000 bonus and an all-expenses-paid two-week vacation. Jay Z, known for his outstanding business acumen, has a talent for identifying profitable business ventures. None of which he does the day-to-day work for. He entrusts his leadership teams to do their job.

So, if anyone ever tells you, using my best impersonation of Drake's voice, "It was all me, for real," you are speaking to a unicorn. Please seize the moment and invite that person out for coffee, lunch AND dinner. They are scarce - LOL!

I think you get the point. And, if you get the point the way I believe you get the point, why are you risking your physical, emotional, and mental health carrying a burden that was never meant to be carried by one person?

The surest path to WEalth is together - not alone:

If you are married, how are you working together to create WEalth as a household?

If you have a large extended family, how are you working together to create intra-household WEalth?

If you have kids, how are you establishing a financial mindset that it's your child's or children's responsibility to make a meaningful contribution towards interfamily WEalth creation?

If you live in a community, how are you working as a collective to support the business ventures of those around you?

Just in case nobody told you, "I" is the root of a scarcity mindset. You can't move to "WE" believing that there are limited resources and only one person can be wealthy in your family and community. This type of mindset limits our capacity to embrace the power of the collective - the community. Let's be honest. This mindset will have people believing that 100% of nothing is better than 20% of something.

A "WE" mindset is the foundation of abundance. It embraces the strengths and abilities of others. We see people as opportunities - not threats. Someone else's success does not diminish our own. Recognizing our vulnerabilities and need for others leads to empowerment, achievement, and well-being.

"We" will take us much further than the limitations of "I".

If this message resonates with you, "We, Not I," and you are thinking about how I take the first step in that direction. Consider picking up one of our "WE, not I" hoodies or tees.

("WE, not I" hoodie and tees today: )

("WE, not I" hoodie and tees today: )

Until next, WE have more power than WE think. Let's own it - together!

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This is right on time. My younger cousin and I have began conversations on WEalth. He's even throwing pointers my way.

Replying to

Love it. Keep it going!

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