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I'm Built Different (Maybe???)

Yo, real talk, I have been criticized every step of my financial wellness journey. None of those criticisms have deterred me from living my best life. I'm just built different.

Everything I've done to improve my financial well-being, I did it before it was fashionable in the Black community. I cut my cable before cutting the cable bill was cool. I haven't had a car note for nearly 14 years. In fact, I've had the same car for 14 years. Now you know you get no love in the hood if you ain't pullin' up in the new-new at least once every year or two. Nobody cares about how much you have in your 401k account (although they should). But the fam will swing through if I pulled up in a Tesla, though.

I've always managed my credit score. It has been in the 800 range for as long as I can remember. My savings rate has been 15% or higher since forever. I've been engaged in investing since my college years - 2001. My financial love language is giving. I'm not a material person. I'd rather spend money on causes that have a real impact on the community. And, every step of the way, someone has had something off-putting to say about the way I was livin'. I didn't care then. And I don't care now. I'm built different.

Do you know how many times I have to hear, "You be actin' like those rich white folks." - LOL!

A lot.

How is that any different from saying, "You talk white."?

I don't care. I'm built different. Not as in you are actin' White, but as in you are realizing something innate...Come to think about it; maybe I'm not built different. Maybe I'm tapped into the wisdom of my ancestors. Maybe good stewardship, generosity, and wealth creation are #BlackFinancialCulture.

I like that. There is nothing different about me. I'm not built different. I'm only now realizing the extent to which Black excellence resides inside of me.

Wow, that's powerful!

So, if you find that those close to you don't get that you are trying to build a solid financial foundation for generations to come, don't sweat it - own it!

The ancestors knew what they were doing when they called out to you.

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