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Greenwood Banking (Let's Go!!!)

The dope emcee and activist Killer Mike, venerable civil rights leader Andrew Young, and successful businessman Ryan Glover have teamed up to create the on-line banking platform Greenwood: Banking for the Culture.

Greenwood will provide banking services that target Black and Latinx communities better. In short, your lives matter, especially as it relates to access to the type of capital that supports and sustains community growth.

Let's go!!!

The on-line banking platform will come with all the bells and whistles: no hidden fees, peer to peer transfer, mobile deposits, and two-day early pay. More importantly, however, the Greenwood platform has a pay it forward program that addresses hunger in America, the option to round up your change to support non-profits for the culture, and a monthly $10,000 business grant to fuel the vision of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.

Greenwood is not just an on-line bank. It is a social entrepreneurship endeavor with unapologetic positive regard towards people of color. Again, your lives matter.

If you are interested in learning more about Greenwood, click on the link below to be placed on their waiting list. Eager banking customers will not be able to create accounts until the beginning of the new year.

We are extremely excited about what Killer Mike, Andrew Young, and Ryan Glover have set out to do. However, to see this through, we have to cast the ultimate vote - how and where we choose to manage our money.

Stay blessed!

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